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Discipline music
Date of birth Toti, May 17, 1984; Clara M, May 13,1983; Wewi, September 7th, 1990
Origin San Martín de los Andes, Argentina
Details Rap Fusion
  Fémina is a rap fusion group characterized by our poetry, for playing around with words, for our metrics and rhythms. We seek to break the forms of hip hop and create new ones, to transmit the same ideas in many distinct ways, to unite styles and genres and take from them what influences and teaches us and transform them into new music. We fuse theatrics with the power of instruments and sounds from diverse cultures to place ourselves in the epicenter of a global musical stage. We began as two members, Sofía "Toti" Trucco (voice, guitar, ronroco) and Clara Migioli (voice) in 2004 in San Martín de los Andes in search of a style that could mix rap, song and experimentation and open the doors to fuse genres like cumbia, candombre, chacarera, samba and bolero, rumba flamenca, funk amongst others. In 2009, already living in Buenos Aires, Clara "Wewi" Trucco (cajón, voice) joined the group; the current formation is Martín Lapidus (guitar), Sebastián Loza (percussion), Hernán Cassibba (bass), and Federico Isasti (drums). In 2011 we independently released our first album "Deshice de mí" which we have presented in places like Personal Fest, Festival de Otoño, La Trastienda, Ciudad Cultural Konex, Café Vinilo, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Niecto Club, Roxy Live, La Oreja Negra, Technópolis, Radio Nacional, FM La Tribú. In September we will start recording our next album which should be out at the end of the year.