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Defi Gagliardo
Defi Gagliardo Defi Gagliardo Defi Gagliardo Defi Gagliardo Defi Gagliardo Defi Gagliardo Defi Gagliardo Defi Gagliardo

Name Defi Gagliardo
Discipline art
Date of birth December 11, 1975
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Details Urban Art
  I was born to a traditional Italian family in Villa Real, Buenos Aires - a small neighborhood of a cosmopolitan city. My first pets were two ducks – Tota and Toto – which became protagonists of my childhood. What began as something casual and innocent developed over the years into my first sensations with interventions in public spaces. I studied design at the UBA, but what was burning inside me set fire to the limits of academia and nourished the beginnings of the creation of Fase, which was a movement that condensed illustration, graphic design, music and experimentation. That collective served as the base of my personal search where all of my curiosities branched out into distinct paths. Little cats are my inspiration for deforming lines and filling walls, canvases, car doors and grass with color. Since 2001 I have been a part of the birth of street art in Argentina, which began as a means of communicating directly with the viewer in the midst of the crisis and evolved into an alternative space because of the lack of galleries to demonstrate our work. Animals, friends and the street spontaneously convert themselves into material that manifest themselves in explosions of color and a constant search for a reaction. I try to escape from concept and definitions and escape into a constant mutation. My work extends everywhere, even into the kitchen and clothing design. Lindo Killer is a line that makes unique clothing items that turn my art work into portable canvases. I feel most natural in the street, but I think that it is also a powerful experience to have all of my work lined up in a gallery, since 2003 I have shown in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Barcelona, San Paolo and Buenos Aires.