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Nuevo World Order

It’s no secret Buenos Aires has been put on the map of what’s poppin in the global music scene. This is due to talent, exposure and largely from the initiative behind the guys at Zizek, which WUBA has been an integral part. Together with Villa Diamante and Nim we set out to make this happen, it was in our mission statement we drew up before we even started the club. And it’s happening. We’re not taking all the credit though. The music, musicians, DJs and producers are the real stars. We just gave the music a platform to express itself, to be heard. We took a scene, one that was there behind the curtains, in the cracks, here and there, and made it legitimate and viral. To make things even more legit we’ve created a record label, ZZK Records, and through our first USA tour found a great American distributor. So pick the CD (and soon on vinyl!) up in Japan, Europe, the USA, Canada and more very soon!

We couldn’t be happier when we see our artists appearing on other record labels, albums, blogs, tours and sick sick sick mixtapes like this one from Maga Bo.

Nuevo World Order

Mago Bo, a Rio de Janiero based DJ and producer, weaves together a story of “new urban world music” from Brazil, to Africa, to the Carribean, up to Canada and the USA, and back down to Argentina. He rocks tracks from various Buenos Aires/Zizek artists including Chancha Via Circuito, Frikstailers, El Hijo de la Cumbia, Princesa, Bosquiman aka Sonido Martines, Vampiros, Daleduro & Luisao and Oro11.

This week in Zizek you can catch one of the most promising young artists of the “New Cumbia” scene, Chancha Via Circuito.

In his own words: 50 minutes of transnational bass - dubstep grime cumbia hip hop ragga kuduro baile funk dub chaabi soca crunk.

Hear/Download Os Cacos (The Pieces) here


1. Archetype - Innasekt
2. Baile de Almut - Radio Tarifa
3. Freestyle live on radio in houston - Dizee Rascal
4. Punisher (Loefah's SE25 Remix) - DJ Pinch
5. Cheeky Violin Remix - Low Deep
6. Alleyways feat. Neon - Don Fletcher vs. Maga Bo
7. Say More Fire - Aaron Spectre
8. Chab Rassi - Cheikha Remitti
9. 50,000 Watts (Loefah Remix) - Matty G
10. Why Do You Do This? - Klass A
11. Nqayi feat. Teba - Maga Bo
12. Xoyma - Positive Black Soul
13. Xoyma feat. Red Rat - Positive Black Soul
14. Doi Festival (Ghislain Poirier) - Bunji Garlin and JMC Triveni
15. Keeping a Session - Daddy Freddy meets the Rootsman
16. Now Thing - Sly and Lenky
17. Amen break
18. Cumbia Murguera - Chancha Via Circuito
19. Popotla Sound Machine - Kampion
20. Daleduro feat. Luisao - Carolina Santantonin
21. Don't Guimenin - Ruffman
22. Bloody Potato - DJ Elected
23. We All Go Die Tonite feat. MC Shade - Candie Hank
24. J Adore Whiskey - Candie Hank
25. Applejuice - Krazy Baldhead
26. Princesa 3 - Chancha VIa Circuito
27. Soy el Control - El Hijo de la Cumbia
28. ? - Up, Bustle and Out
29. Kick it Complex - Bassnectar
30. D-Boy Stance - Big Boi/Konkrete
31. Cumvia Slew (Bosquiman vs. Oro11 Remix) - Bosquiman vs. Vampiros
32. Sudaka Invasor - Frikstailers
33. E Dai feat. Speed Freaks - Sonar Calibrado
34. Break - Chancha VIa Circuito
35. Here We Go - Kalil (DJ Eddy)
36. Kriola - Orquestra e Coro
37. Bad Man Pull Up - Crazy Froggy (Hard Slam Riddim)
38. Reggaetron - Pepepe
39. Belselama (Said Qutbs Lawnmower Filastine Remix) - Malorix
40. NYE Riddim - Dub Gabriel
41. Cagnie - Waraba
42. Ben Allou - El Halka and El Twachi
43. Defense (The Soca-Anthem Remix) - Pitbull feat. Machel Montano HD and Lil Jon
44. Tamborzao/Volt Mix
45. Aquecimento Macumba - Electro Jack Juninho Carioca
46. Bonde do Role Remix Riddim - Ghislain Poirier
47. Track 20 - Funk Proibidao Vila Kenedy
48. System Boot - Plug
49. Ya Se Acabo - Pitbull
50. Tchiriri - Costuleta and DJ Znobia
51. Os Marteleiros (Instrumental) - Helder o Rei do Kuduro
52. Leh Jani - Omar Souleyman
53. Alo - Os Vagabundos

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